See Savannah for Under $100

Jan 15, 2024

*Pricing current as of Jan 3, 2021

Savannah, Georgia is a city full of history and things to see. Every where you look there’s a historical mansion or a beautiful city square. You could walk around for weeks and find something new every day! There’s so much to see, that it can get overwhelming trying to decide (also very expensive). So, I’ve come up with a good way to hit most of the highlights and stay friendly to your pocket book.

This covers 13 sights throughout the city and the grand total comes out to just $90.13. That’s just under $7 a location on average. 

Check out the map below for locations and easy walking directions. It links to google maps, so you can use it on your phone!

We’re going to start with two ‘bundles’, for lack of a better term. These tickets are good for three sites each.

We have a Google Map that links all the spots we discuss for easy navigation!

Telfair Museum: $20

This bundle include the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters, Telfair Academy, and Jepson Center. The normal adult ticket costs $20, but they do offer discounted tickets for seniors, students, children, and military. My favorite was the Owens- Thomas House, but I’m a sucker for historical homes! If you want to see any of these spots, you have to purchase the bundle ticket. There is no one stop option. The Telfair Academy is also the only place to see the “Bird Girl” statue as seen on the cover of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Pioneers for Preservation: $19.63

This bundles includes Andrew Low House, Davenport House, and Ships of the Sea Museum. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for this one (at least none I could find). Each of these sites can be visited individually, but you’re looking at an extra $10 to do it that way. Even if you only want to see 2 of the 3 sites, you’d be better off to purchase the bundle! 

Andrew Low House: $12 Davenport House: $9 Ships of the Sea: $9

Running Cost: $39.63

Ghost Tour: $30

If you go to Savannah, a ghost tour is a MUST! The “city built on it’s dead” as our favorite ghost guide would say, has too many stories to skip. If you want our opinion, take a tour with Got Ghosts. Patrick Burns is a seasoned paranormal investigator and Savannah local. He had his own show on TruTV called Haunting Evidence and has published works about hunting the paranormal. Got Ghosts offers two tours, a Paranormal Activity (the one we took) and Hex in the City, which is for ages 21+ and visits several pubs along the way. Totally worth the money spent! They also have military and senior discounts. Make sure to book directly on their website because its more expensive on third party sites!

Bonaventure Cemetery: $5

No surprise this is one of the stops. Made famous from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, this is a popular tourist destination. However, taking a tour through this cemetery can cost upwards of $20-$30 a person. If you purchase and download the Bonaventure Cemetery Tour app, you can get an audio tour equipped with maps, recordings, and directions to the gravesites for just $5. We saw several tour groups in our time there and they were telling the same stories we were listening to from the app. Just do your own tour and save the cash! 

Running Cost: $74.63

Mercer House: $12.50

Also made famous by the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Mercer House has a bit of a dark history. The story is told beautifully by Patrick during the ghost tour, but if you’re going before your ghost tour, you can always look it up for yourself. Keep in mind that the rumor has it, the current owners aren’t fans of the book or the stories, so best to keep quiet during your visit! 

River Street, City Market, Forsyth Park: FREE

Best spots for walking around, shopping, eating, and photo opportunities. Doesn’t cost you a thing to simply stroll the streets and take in the sights. Of course, I can’t be held liable to the purchases you make! Make sure to snag your famous fountain photo and admire the truly STUNNING mansion just on the corner of Gaston street. It takes up the entire city block!

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist: $3 donation

This is probably the shortest stop, but certainly a stop worth making. It only takes about 20 minutes to walk through, so it can be done on the way to brunch or dinner. The $3 donation is just a suggestion of course, but feel free to give whatever you’re called to. Nobody will judge for anything more or less.

Total Cost: $90.13

No need to spend tons of money on seeing the sights. There is plenty to do and stay within budget! This will cover some of the most popular spots in Savannah. If you have any questions or would like to add your favorite things to see and money saving tips, follow us on Instagram or Facebook by @livinghol. We loving getting suggestions from all over!